howdy, i'm prim!

I'm a lesbian transgirl who is hopelessly into idols, horror of all kinds, and niche/indie video games. I write, sometimes draw, and take lots of screenshots of pretty virtual worlds.Currently I cycle between PSO2 and single player stuff for gaming, with little sprinkles of Genshin, SIFAS, and DOAXVV in between. I have a shameful 11k hours in FFXIV but I don't play much anymore. I'm not usually too keen on multiplayer stuff as of late.You might know me from Setsucord, which I help run! Outside of there I'm a little elusive, but I'll almost always notice a ping so feel free to reach out if you ever want to talk to me about anything.

a little more about me

My name's Prim - short for Primula! That's my favorite kind of flower. It's also not my real name - that's Naomi. You can call me whatever you prefer (really!), but most people online just call me Prim.Where do I go from there? Well...I'm 28, gay as heck, and trans. I'm in a dedicated relationship and I have two cats that make my life a living hell in a good way. I'm atheist and tend to have very liberal viewpoints on just about everything.I'm a fair bit shy and struggle with anxiety pretty hard but once I get to know someone, it's impossible for me to shut the hell up. I can talk a lot about anything and everything, though I will (understandably so) avoid subjects that make me uncomfortable. If I'm ever talking too much, feel free to tell me to settle down. I'll understand, promise!I'm an unconfident aspiring writer with a strong love for horror and the surreal. I'm heavily influenced by works such as Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas, Session 9, Blair Witch Project, The X-Files, and Silent Hill 2. I don't usually like sharing my writing with anyone ever, but I hope to change that sometime in the future.Outside of horror? I have a passion for science fiction and JRPGs. Long running series such as BattleTech, Final Fantasy, Atelier, Halo, and Phantasy Star have been with me almost all my life and I hold them very dear to me.I love idols a lot too! Love Live! is my main focus but I've been gradually getting more invested into Bandori too. The music and the girls mean a lot to me and give me a lot of drive to keep pushing forward. Talk to me about Setsuna Yuki!


I don't play Final Fantasy XIV much anymore, but I took many, many photos of my characters in my several years of playing. Feel free to check them out in the Twitter below!

favorite characters

Umi Sonoda
Setsuna Yuki
Kotori Minami
Ayumu Uehara
Shioriko Mifune

Kanon Matsubara
Chisato Shirasagi
Aya Maruyama
Hina Hikawa
Rinko Shirokane